About The PEAI

What is the Professional Embalmers Association of Ireland?

A non-profit organisation based in Ireland representing professional embalmers.

Why was this association created?

Prior to the association being established there was no such organisation available for Irish embalmers. We believe that it is important to have an Irish organisation which can independently represent Irish embalmers. It is essential that our members have their own voice in Europe and internationally.

The following are the key reasons:

  • The need for representation at European level,
  • The need for promoting embalming standards,
  • The demand for continuous education and
  • The need for a support system for embalmers.

PEAI Objectives

  1. To support the status and interests of persons professing or practising embalming.
  2. To establish a uniform standard of training and embalming qualification.
  3. To organise and promote continuous training relevant to embalming.
  4. To liaise and maintain contact with other embalming organisations.

Become a Member

Apart from the professional standing in being a Member, PEAI members receive numerous intangible benefits.

Benefits of Becoming a Member:

  •  Professional advancement– access to information on the most recent techniques & procedures and latest developments in the industry
  •  Professional standing – membership indicates a level of professionalism at par with other similar organisations.   All members must meet certain criteria before being accepted into the Association.
  • Receive the PEAI Certificate of Membership provided that you continue to abide with the PEAI Code of Ethics
  • Networking opportunities – National and European based
  • Peer support program
  •  PEAI email to keep you up-to-date with current events in the industry
  • Safety Information: Embalming Chemicals and Mortuary Standards
  • Information and Updates on Work Safety Trainings and Regulations
  • Opportunity to attend Trainings, Seminars and Conference at Member rates
  • Access to the PEAI website for latest updates within the PEAI and the industry
  • Access to the PEAI Facebook page
  •  Dedicated online support and interactive website

How do I become a member?

PEAI is continuously accepting applications for membership. You can find details here.