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Welcome to the Professional Embalmers’ Association of Ireland, (we are currently developing a new web site & as a result our members data is protected. If you have any queries if an embalmer is a member please drop us an email of inquiry..

An Irish-based organization upholding professional standards in the funeral service.

Embalming in Ireland has been practiced for more than fifty years and it is only in the past 20 years that the standards of procedure and professionalism in the practice were incorporated and developed. The Professional Embalmers’ Association of Ireland was initiated by four of the best embalmers practicing in the country and was formed in order to create an avenue for all embalmers who possess passion for the practice and for those who are determined to set the highest standards in the practice of professional embalming.

The PEAI believes that the practice of embalming must primarily be for the interest of public health as well as for providing emotional and psychological support to the grieving families. We are, therefore, determined to promote and maintain the highest professional standards of embalming in the funeral industry that reflects quality and integrity. We believe that all human bodies must be treated with respect and dignity and a confidential relationship with whom we serve must be given utmost importance.

The organization also aims to provide an educational base for its members in order to heighten awareness of issues relevant to the profession.

We welcome applications for membership from individuals who hold a recognized qualification in Embalming practice. Each individual membership application is assessed and approved by the Committee Members of the PEAI, and approved applications will be awarded the PEAI Membership Certificate at a general meeting.