A new scheme introduced by Halton Borough Council in Cheshire will offer residents the option of a fixed cost funeral. The overall fee will fall below the current national average, reports the Council.

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Almost a third of families blocked organ donation because they felt the process took ‘too long’.

BBC 5 live found that organs from 505 registered donors in the last five years couldn’t be used because of objections from relatives.

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Source: www.funeralservicetimes.co.uk

The Department of Health is holding an open consultation on the proposed Human Tissue Bill, with submission open till the 9th of October. Here are the details:

Government approval was received in July for the drafting of a Human Tissue Bill.
The proposed legislation will include, amongst others, provisions, on:
· Post mortem practice and procedures
· Anatomical Examination/Education & Training
· Public Display of Bodies after Death
· Organ Donation and Transplantation

The PEAI executive board is preparing a submission document outlining the potential impact of this bill on embalming practice. It is important, that you as an individual have your say about the proposed legislation also.

The ‘Opt Out System for Organ Donation’ proposed in this bill, will have an impact on post-mortem care. As it stands, only internal organs are available for harvesting. However, the bill does leave room for more organs to be added to the list. It is foreseeable that in time, human bone and skin will be included in this list, thus having a significant impact on embalming practice. However, it is important to note that this bill is still in the early stages of development, and such an impact will not be immediate.

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To anyone familiar with the funeral industry it should come as no surprise that fees have risen well above the current rate of inflation in most locations for yet another year. The map below shows the most and least expensive parts of the country for burial and cremation, alongside the national average and the country-wide percentage increase from 2016.

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The Health and Safety Authority (HSA) has launched a short, interactive on-line course on Chemical Safety in the Workplace. The 30-minute course is free and can be accessed through the Authority’s e-learning portal, http://hsalearning.ie. The course is aimed at employers and employees, including supervisors and health and safety representatives, in any sector where chemicals are used.

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April 25, 2017

General Meeting- 06 May 2017

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PEAI General Meeting- May 2017

BeSMART.ie online risk assessment tool has recently been extended to include embalming as a business type. This will assist our members in complying with their legal duty to have a workplace specific safety statement and written risk assessments in place.

Click on our  Facebook  link or visit HSA website. Click or search for EMBALMER category.


Europe is experiencing a high level of deaths due to cold weather as icy temperature prevail.

With more than 20 people dying because of the cold it’s expected that this number will only rise further. Ten people died of cold in Poland on Sunday.

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Most Irish people continue to believe in life after death but many don’t see the Church as the only path to salvation, writes Dr Kevin Myers

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#Help2MakeSense, an online tool and campaign, has been launched to help bereaved young people make sense of their loss.

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